How the war changed Ukrainians: public opinion poll about the war, the environment, post-war reconstruction and EU accession. Policy brief. - Resource and Analysis Centre “Society and Environment” (2023)

This policy brief contains a comparative and generalized analysis of public opinion poll on the post-war recovery, attitude to environmental issues and climate change as well as the EU accession. The document defines the main trends in comparison with 2018 and the situation in the EU.

The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Union within the framework of the project «Mainstreaming sustainable development in Ukraine in line with the European Green Deal» and the German Federal Foreign Office within the framework of the project «Ukraine in Europe», which is implemented in partnership with the Center for Liberal Modernity (Zentrum Liberale Moderne).

The project is implemented by a consortium of civil society organizations: DIXI GROUP (coordinator), Resource and Analysis Centre “Society and Environment”, Energy-Efficient Cities of Ukraine (EECU) Association, Ukrainian Leadership Academy, Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine, DZYGA and PLATO.

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