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How to Ensure Compliance with Espoo Convention in Nuclear Field in Ukraine / Policy paper (2014) (In Ukrainain)

> The Year in Review - 2012: Ukraine Environmental Policy and Law


> Statement of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the Necessity to Introduce the Environmental Impact Assessment in Ukraine

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument – New Opportunities for Ukraine

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument – New Opportunities for Ukraine // Nataliya Andrusevych (Ed). – Lviv, 2008. – 160 p. (in Ukrainian)



This is a Handbook on the new funding instrument of the EU for neighbouring countries, including Ukraine. The Handbook contains three parts – brief information on ENPI; ENPI – framework for the assistance’ provision within new funding instrument; Documents. The second part contains description of the national, regional, sub-regional, cross-border, and thematic programs; environmental issues within the ENPI; public participation; useful information. The section “Documents” includes translation into Ukrainian of the Regulation on ENPI, Strategy Paper and Indicative Program for Eastern ENPI region, Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Program for Ukraine, Strategy Paper and Indicative Program for Cross-border Cooperation Programs.


The Handbook aims at broad audience of stakeholders, which have interest in issues of the EU financial assistance to Ukraine.


This publication (website) has been supported by the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme and WWF-Norway with co-financing from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union.



Policy Review

March 2014

Red Book Rendezvous

Viola ucriana

Red List Category: Critically Endangered.
Major Threats : The area where V. ucriana persists is often subject to fire due to human activities, and these periodic sumer fires pose a major threat to the conservation of this species. Forestry plantations of exotic conifers and other species are changing the ecological conditions of its habitat, and any human action could exterminate the one remaining subpopulation.
Conservation Actions: This species is included in Red Lists at different levels (regional, national and international). However, it is not protected by any particular law or convention. The entire area of occurrence is included in the "Monte Pizzuta, Costa del Carpineto, Moarda" SIC (Site of Community Importance). Seeds are cultivated in the botanic garden of Palermo.