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Blitz Reforms for Ukrainian Government and Environment / Policy brief (2015) (In English) 


How to Ensure Compliance with Espoo Convention in Nuclear Field in Ukraine / Policy paper (2014) (In Ukrainain)

> The Year in Review - 2012: Ukraine Environmental Policy and Law


> Statement of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the Necessity to Introduce the Environmental Impact Assessment in Ukraine

Complaint about Belarus NPP under Espoo Convention

Complaint on non-compliance by Belarus with its obligations under Espoo Convention in the course of construction of a nuclear power plant (NPP).


The complaint was developed by the European ECO Forum legal team and submited to the Implementation Committee of the Espoo Convention by the Ecoclub NGO (Ukraine).


The complaint includes:


1. Cover Form (English)

2. Main argumentation (English)

3. Annex I

4. Annex II

5. Annex III

6. Annex IV

(all annexes are in Russian)

Policy Review

March 2014

Red Book Rendezvous

Medicago citrina

Red List Category: Critically Endangered.
Major Threats : In 1997, the subpopulation on the Columbretes decreased by 40% due to an attack of scale insects, same insects were detected on the Balearic islands in 2001. Other threats include introduced rabbits, alian species which has invaded parts of its habitat.
Conservation Actions: The species is presently listed in Annex I of the Spanish Royal Decree, which guarantees protection of its natural habitat. This plant is cultivated and seeds stored in the botanic garden of Valencia. The priority is to control attacks by the scale insect.