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How to Ensure Compliance with Espoo Convention in Nuclear Field in Ukraine / Policy paper (2014) (In Ukrainain)

> The Year in Review - 2012: Ukraine Environmental Policy and Law


> Statement of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the Necessity to Introduce the Environmental Impact Assessment in Ukraine

2nd Edition of the Case Law of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (2004-2011)

A. Andrusevych, T. Alge, C. Konrad (eds), Case Law of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (2004-2011), 2nd Edition (RACSE, Lviv 2011). - 212 p.

This is the second edition of the Case Law of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee.


The second edition updates the Case Law of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (which covered 2004-2008) with new interpretations by the Compliance Committee as well as decisions adopted by the Meeting of the Parities (MOP) of the Aarhus Convention. The latter is new to this publication since the first edition did not include decisions by MOP.

Policy Review

March 2014

Red Book Rendezvous

Vulpes vulpes

Red List Category: Least Concern.
Major Threats : The main threats include habitat degradation, loss, and fragmentation, and exploitation, and direct and indirect persecution. However, the Red Fox's versatility and eclectic diet are likely to ensure their persistence despite changes in landscape and prey base. The number of foxes raised for fur exceeds that of any other species
Conservation Actions: Present in most temperate-subarctic conservation areas with the exception of some inaccessible islands in the Old World and South America. Widely regarded as a pest and unprotected. Most countries and/or states where trapping or hunting occurs have regulated closed versus open seasons and restrictions on methods of capture.